Networking & Lattes: 10 Steps to Networking


Networking & Lattes: 10 Steps to Networking is a guide based on my personal experiences navigating uncomfortable spaces to achieve success. The art of networking is multifaceted and can be conquered in a variety of ways, including coffee shops, conferences, zoom meetings, and so on. It is more than being outspoken, having a large number of contacts in your phone, or the number of friends or likes on social media; it is about knowing who you want to become and knowing how to build genuine relationships based on humility, gratitude, passion, and drive.

Because of my growing relationship with GOD, I use Him as my guide; however, my goal is not to sway anyone in any direction. Instead, I encourage you to align yourself with purpose, seek wisdom and discernment through whatever higher calling you require. Allow networking to be your superpower in addition to intelligence and hard work. The process is not always quick, but my proven strategy always brings you closer to your goals.

This book provides insightful knowledge and techniques for being fearless, authentic, and purposeful in your professional journey.

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7 reviews for Networking & Lattes: 10 Steps to Networking

  1. Liz Lee

    If you are at a crossroads in your life, this book is a great inspiration on how to be fearless. Even as someone shy like myself, I think I can take the steps she recommended to push my life forward. I enjoyed learning about Sherrica’s real life stories and how she overcame her insecurities to become successful in a new industry she never considered. That gives me hope.

  2. Raymond Hankins (verified owner)

    Great read, provides ideas to build your bench of advisors and supporters. Highly recommend for young professionals and older ones who wonder what is one of the ingredients they are missing.

    Real life experiences on engaging folks and turning those opportunities into building blocks to your success story.

  3. Voncile Cunningham (verified owner)

    Networking & Lattes was a very easy read. It offers many useful tips on engaging and connecting with people who have common goals and objectives. It also speaks truths about knowing yourself, being confident even if it requires rehearsing and more importantly, believing in yourself. You are amazing and I appreciate our friendship as well as our past professional relationship. Mobile misses you!!

  4. Sherrica Hunt (verified owner)


  5. Christian Gillespie


    You are such a warm and inviting person! You definitely light up the rooms you are in and have a way of making someone you just met feel like they’ve known you for a lifetime! I am so incredibly happy for you and excited to read your book.

    • Sherrica Hunt (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for sharing and I appreciate your support. You are an amazing person!

  6. Aria Easterling

    Mrs. Sherrica D. Hunt, you have amazed the world again!!!! – I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of your book, Networking and Lattes! The name is catchy and relatable, the cover is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly aligns with the title and content. The content, oh me and oh my, it was written in your voice which was rich, wise, warm, and inviting. You felt like my personal mentor, who has experienced and overcome many personal and professional adversities and come out victoriously, and you were freely sharing it all with me. This is not your trite book with the top 10 best things to say and do, but birthed from your personal experiences and the information is fresh and relevant. I am proud to say that I have been your friend since high school but I learned so much about you and your professional experience from reading this book. You are so humble and meek and would never assume that many people can learn from your unique experience and perspectives. I’m thrilled that you have sowed this book into the lives of many to share the wisdom and insight that God has given you. You have taken your life and truly maximized your giftings. You are the living epitome of the biblical character who was giving five talents and invested it well and it became ten, Well done! Matthew 25:14-30. I love you always.

    • Sherrica Hunt (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your positive, warm, and affirming review. Your perspective means a great deal to me. I love and appreciate you for being a part of my journey from the beginning.

  7. Latrisha Brannon (verified owner)

    Although I might be biased since I know the author personally, I have a 1st hand seat at the honesty it reveals! Excellently delivered for people to see the real challenges with public speaking and fighting the voice within. Your tips and solutions will help many be inspired & overcome their own fears!! Well done.

    • Sherrica Hunt (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the positive and kind review. It is received with love.

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