Networking & Lattes

10 Steps to Networking

Networking & Lattes: 10 Steps to Networking is a guide based on my personal experiences navigating uncomfortable spaces to achieve success. The art of networking is multifaceted and can be conquered in a variety of ways, including coffee shops, conferences, zoom meetings, and so on. It is more than being outspoken, having a large number of contacts in your phone, or the number of friends or likes on social media; it is about knowing who you want to become and knowing how to build genuine relationships based on humility, gratitude, passion, and drive.

Because of my growing relationship with GOD, I use Him as my guide; however, my goal is not to sway anyone in any direction. Instead, I encourage you to align yourself with purpose, seek wisdom and discernment through whatever higher calling you require. Allow networking to be your superpower in addition to intelligence and hard work. The process is not always quick, but my proven strategy always brings you closer to your goals.

This book provides insightful knowledge and techniques for being fearless, authentic, and purposeful in your professional journey.


Happy Networking!